Proposed talks

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Light-matter interaction

Collective modes and nanoimaging

  • Misha Fogler
    • Polaritons in graphene and other van der Waals materials

Driven/Floquet systems


  • Torsten Karzig (Here until: Thursday June 16, 1pm)
    • (June 3) Manipulating and controlling Majoranas for robust quantum computation
  • Roman Lutchyn (Here until Friday June 10)
    • Quantum charge fluctuations of a proximitized nanowire
    • Signatures of Majorana Kramers Pairs in topological superconductors: effect of interactions

Exotic/Topological phases

Many Body Localization/Entanglement


  • Bernd Rosenow
    • (June 3) Dissipative Superfluidity and Mesoscale Confinement