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Technical articles on reputation

what is the difference between reputation systems in P2P versus centralized (eBay,etc.) networks?

technical papers

what is current reality in P2P networks?

  • for BitTorrent

Incentives Build Robustness in BitTorrent

  • for Gnutella, proposals after the hack?

The EigenTrust Algorithm for Reputation Management in P2P Networks

Choosing Reputable Servents in a P2P Network

blockchain projects

Information bottleneck and attention bottleneck are essential in the context of AI and reputation systems. Predictability, Complexity, and Learning (by Tishby) suggests technical insights how to relate information theory (Shannon's mutual information) and reputation systems. How to apply Information Bottleneck METHOD-wiki in practical terms for the social/reputation graphs of the token/asset holders?

Userfeeds - an open protocol for establishing information relevance .... the project is CLOSED

In our view, the solution is to understand relevance at the information theoretic level, recognize its economic incentives and embed them at the open protocol layer.

thinking in the context of "blockchain phenomenon"