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Short-run versus long-run - T&M

The evolution has a short-run and long-run principles. How does evolution become real? ... add here a discussion about ecorithms and AI

qualitative - general as well as Leverage, Uncertainty, and Edge in Finance tree

Goals vs Tactics with a16z's Marc Andreessen at Disrupt SF

How Will You Measure Your Life? by Clayton M. Christensen

quantitative Finance - TREE and articles

Leverage and Uncertainty

Kelly-Thorp betting

you need to figure out your edge as well as when it matters

after how many trials does a short-run become a long-run (consistent profits)? Process-oriented at short-run, results-oriented at long run. The trick is to know what is a short-run.

  • pursue my line of thinking - my pdf and Word (attached)

My talk at Quant conf 2016

Jason Zweig on the velocity of learning and Active portfolio management

questions about utility function and changing environment Rational choice and the structure of the environment by Herbert Simon