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predictions don't work mostly, but unavoidable anyway!

Don't HODL, BUIDL: How Blockchain Tech Will Add Value in 2018

A $2,000 Bitcoin (and 9 Other 2017 Blockchain Predictions)


december, 2017

Digital Gold by Serguei Beloussov

Otonomos EASY COMPANY INCORPORATION AND GOVERNANCE, a company which is a business platform (as opposed pure blockchain platform like Consensys)

S Korean bitcoin exchange goes bust after hack
Youbit’s loss of 17% of its assets follows government warnings on cryptocurrencies
a drop of Bitcoin from 19,500 to 16,000, but back now to 17,700

trying to create official and regulator-friendly crypto WITHOUT central banks and goverments???!
The cryptocurrency has built in KYC/AML, anti-theft and anti-criminal features, as well as biometric identification built into the platform. This enables it to be used by companies and individuals transacting with State, Semi-State, Regulated and Unregulated bodies.

IOTA and trust systems - relevant for the current project discussion of ID-entities?? IOTA Interview: “Trust Systems Are Absolutely Pivotal” Today

Dmitry Leus of East-West Connect Comments on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology

SEC files charges over ICO ‘cyber scam’ The US Securities and Exchange Commission said it has filed fraud charges and obtained an emergency asset freeze against Dominic Lacroix, whom Canadian financial regulators have repeatedly accused of fraud, and his company PlexCorps. The complaint alleges that Mr Lacroix and PlexCorps have been marketing and selling securities called PlexCoin and claiming that investments in the product would generate a 1,354 per cent return in less than 29 days.

Project Fair Auction Ledger -- Hashgraph versus Blockchain

The Bitcoin Futures Battle


Blockchain: Harvard Business School Alumni Angles - good video (including A. Shelkovnikov)

Dharma: An open protocol for generic tokenized debt agreements Dharma is a permissionless, generic protocol for issuing, underwriting, and administering debt agreements as tradeable cryptographic tokens. We are fresh out of YCombinator’s Summer batch

World's Real Estate Blockchain Platform and video - Atlant CEO keynote address at Fintech Week NYC - meeting this week with Julian Svirsky

nov, 2017 - scepticism day!

Blockchain For Grown-Ups: Cutting Through the Hype Wealth and income disparity have more to do with power disparity than a new fangled database. Blockchain For Grown-Ups, Part 2: What's Real? Incumbent financial institutions aren’t at risk of obsolescence any time soon. blockchain ledgers now are a shadow of the sweepingly different ecosystems they promise. The gap exposes the marketplace dynamics, power structures and systemic inadequacies that are concealed, or taken for granted, in current commerce.

Growing scepticism challenges the blockchain hype Yet executives at blockchain-investing companies have rarely been able to explain what it was that blockchain would be enhancing in their businesses or why. “You’ll have to ask my tech associate,” has been the invariable answer. When asked what makes blockchain so exceptionally useful, the answers ranged in nature from “it’s a compression algorithm, and makes data storage cheaper” to “it enhances security and can’t be hacked”.
Neither assertion is strictly accurate. But the confidence demonstrates the scale of mythmaking in the industry Gartner Hype Cycle

The problem is “by adapting DLT in this way, you move further away from the principles for which it was originally designed”. And if that is the case, why bother?

Blockchain Man and Woman will have to wait Companies are not ready for them Legal and confidentiality issues are the two biggest obstacles to adoption of distributed ledger technology, says a survey by the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance. In time, innovation and regulation may help break them down. But there are good reasons why Organization Man, and the organisation itself, will continue to survive behind the third obstacle the survey identified: “Reluctance to change established business processes.”

The Truth About Blockchain

november 7-8, 2017

Hard fork in Bitcoin for Sigwit2X was cancelled

november, 2017

How Adversarial Attacks Work in the context of AI!!!!

3 emerging cloud technologies for enterprise relevant for Acronis?

В России появится криптовалюта mytimecoin, которая обеспечена временем человека, проведенным в приложении или сервисе

important ICOTRACKER

october 30, 2017

Worse than Tulip Mania? distinguishing cryptocurrencies, crypto-commodities and crypto-tokens. "Bitcoin, not blockchain" against conventional dogma. All rapid developments go through bubbles.

Scaling Decentralisation by David Orban. How VCs can evolve in this context..... compare with Herbert Simon

Cryptoeconomics in Casper by Vlad Zamfir --to watch and understand better Proof-of-Stake

published june 23, 2017

China’s central bank — the People’s Bank of China — has developed a prototype of a cryptocurrency that it could end up in circulation in the near future.

october 22, 2017

important Elad blog - example: Cryptocurrencies Incentives and Corporate Structures

october 20, 2017

(from Misha) What Drives the Value of Crypto Currencies?

LedgerX to begin trading crypto currency derivatives with permission of American CFTC

october 16, 2017

(from Misha) alternative distributed ledger - hashgraph - a breakthrough, lets understand?

(from Ivar) Token Economy #18: 📉📈 Short ICOs, Long Tokens; 💱 Basecoin - a review of a conference, etc.

(from Ivar) Userfeeds manifesto